January 23, 2018  Dream of Hope


Seth Rosenberg, Executive Director with 100 Women Pittsburgh members Randi Starr, Sharon Pirchesky, Kim Patterson, and Ashley Andrews

Dreams of Hope received $6,700!

October 24, 2017  Angel's Place Pittsburgh


Kristine Operman (100 WWC), Beth Banas (Executive Director, Angel's Place), Brandi Mauck-Phillips (100 WWC), Ashley Andrews (100 WWC)

Angel's Place received $7,405!

July 25, 2017  SETpoint


Marci Wiggins, SETpoint Peer Coach and Owner/Operator of Tight & Tone in New Kensington; Michele Colvard, Executive Director/Lead Coach for SETpoint; and pitch-maker Lisa Nakamura, SETpoint Founding Director/Lead Coach. 

SETpoint received $5,595!

April 25, 2017  Women's Law Project


Alice Greene, Kim Patterson, Susan Frietsche (WLP Senior Staff Attorney), Judy Ruszkowski (100 WWC Member and WLP Board Member), and Brittany Green WLP Development Coordinator)

Women's Law Project received $6,130!


January 24, 2017  Focus on Renewal 'The Family Table'

Cindy Haines (center) 100 WWC member and Executive Director of FOR with Cindy Stevens, Sue Pfiefer, Lisa Dalena, Larry Rodgers, and Lydia Morin

Focus on Renewal received $8,000!


October 25, 2016  Positive Spin of Bike Pittsburgh

Positve Spin.jpg

Kim Patterson (100WWC Member), Courtenay Case (100 WWWC Pitcher),        Julie Mallis (Positive Spin), Alice Greene (100WWC Member)

Positve Spin of Bike Pittsburgh received $6,620!


July 26, 2016  Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh

Rivkee Rudolph (Director), Candy Vazquez (100WWC Member), Brendan Clancy, Rabbi Mordy Rudol, Adina Barber, Masha Glukhovskaya

Friendship Circle received $8,695!


April 26, 2016  Book 'Em

Co-Directors, Suzanne Powell and Dan Webb with 100 Women Pittsburgh members Megan Good (who pitched), Alice Green, and Kim Patterson. 

Book 'Em received $8,290.00!

January 26, 2016  Jeremiah's Place

Kim Patterson and Alice Greene present Luann Ross, Executive Director, and Eileen Sharbaugh, Co-founder and Volunteer Coordinator.

Jeremiah's Place received $10,700!

October 27, 2015  Assemble!


Alice Green and Becky Flaherty present Nina Barbuto, Founder, and Emily Rice, Board Member.

Assemble received $10,090!

June 16, 2015   The Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

 Kim Patterson and Brandi Phillips present, President and CEO, Shirl Regan $6,200!

Kim Patterson and Brandi Phillips present, President/CEO, Shirl Regan.

WCS received $6,200!